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               Emma graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, with a Bachelor of Music degree in 2020. She was selected to be a Picture Gallery Composer-in-Residence in 2019, which involved writing for the renowned Royal Holloway Chapel Choir and their director, Rupert Gough. Under the tutelage of Nathan James Dearden, Nina Whiteman, and John Traill, her music was workshopped by CHROMA, and performed by the Jane Holloway Choir.

She won the Rotary Club Cup for Music in 2016 at Chipping Norton Music Festival for a performance of one of her works, with recognition from Craig Ogden, Anthony Williams and Paul Harris. In 2022, her music was requested to be performed by famed pianist Jack Gibbons in the finale of his 34th Oxford Summer Piano Series.

Her other main focus is conducting; she was the inaugural Young Associate Conductor of the Royal Holloway New Voices Consort and New Music Collective, and co-manager of the Royal Holloway Conductors’ Collective. She has worked alongside Judith Weir and Neil Ferris in these roles, and conducted three premieres as part of the Festival of Contemporary Music for All 2020.

As a concert manager, she has worked with artists and groups such as The Sixteen, Tenebrae, and Angela Hewitt.

She is founder and director of the 'Songs Away From Time' project, and a member of Opus 48.

Emma plays a grand piano
Emma conducts an orchestra
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